DIY Socialization


DIY Puppy Socialization is a flexible option for those who want to learn how to provide optimal puppy socialization on their own schedule. In this one hour seminar, we teach you everything you need to know to provide positive puppy socialization experiences. We help you use this knowledge to create a personalized socialization plan that works for you and your puppy!


You will learn:

About the primary socialization period in dogs.

How to interpret dog body language.

How to provide optimal puppy socialization experiences.

How to create a socialization plan tailored to your puppy's temperament.

You will receive:


  • Digital socialization resources such as "The Social Pup Ultimate Guide to Puppy Socialization", "Puppy Socialization Planner", "Puppy Socialization Log", and a socialization checklist.


  • A list of recommended locations for socialization in the Georgetown area.


  • The opportunity to check out a puppy stroller or backpack to use for up to four weeks (a security deposit of $80 is required, $70 of which is refundable upon return of the stroller without damage or excessive wear).


PLEASE NOTE: This class is for PEOPLE ONLY. If you would like to bring your puppy to class, please sign up for either Puppy Prime Time class (for puppies age 8 - 12 weeks), or private lessons.

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In this video, puppies Mando and Cash are demonstrating optimal puppy play behaviors. Both pups have relaxed body language, and interact with each other in a polite manner. It's not uncommon for one or more puppies in a play group to be higher energy than others, or to display pushy, rude, or dominating behaviors. For this reason, we organize play groups into puppies of similar age and size, and we closely monitor all interactions to ensure all puppies are playing appropriately. When necessary, we use toys or food to re-direct puppies away from play. 

Did you know that there are also ways to get your puppy socialized to other dogs without direct interactions?