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Policies: List

Canine Health and Vaccination Requirements

  • All puppies must have been with owners for at least ten days prior to starting class, and have shown no signs of illness during that time. Owners must sign our puppy health declaration form.

  • Proof of vaccinations is required for all puppies and dogs, regardless of age. For our youngest puppies, that means proof of the first Distemper/Parvo vaccine (typically abbreviated as DAPP, DHPP or DA2PP on veterinary receipts), and a Bordetella vaccine. Proof of subsequent boosters given will also be required until the puppy has had all required vaccines. 

  • For puppies and dogs over 17 weeks of age, proof of both Distemper/Parvo and Rabies vaccinations will be required.  

  • Acceptable proof is a paper or digital receipt from a licensed veterinarian showing the date and type of vaccines given. You have the option to upload a PDF of the receipt on the Puppy Health Declaration Form on our website. Alternatively, a photo of a paper receipt can be texted to us, or an emailed receipt can be forwarded to

Disease Prevention

Our indoor play room and all toys and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each session. You may read more about our disinfection process here.

Covid-19 Protocols

Masks are optional in our indoor play room. Instructor is fully vaccinated and boosted. 

Liability Waivers

All training participants must read and sign our liability waiver. Our waiver is part of the Terms agreed to on our booking form, but you may also view a copy here.

Full policies and terms

You may view our full policies and terms here.

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