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Dog in the Park

Training and Enrichment PackageE

Build a better bond with our Training and Enrichment Package! This 3 session package is filled with dog behavior, training, and enrichment tips and best practices for living your best life with your adult canine companion! You will learn how to accurately interpret dog body language, meet your dog's mental, emotional, and physical needs, understand the cause of unwanted behaviors such as pulling on leash, overexcited greetings, destructive chewing, stealing objects or counter surfing, and door dashing, and how to positively teach replacement behaviors. 

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Private Instruction

This package includes:

  • 1 personalized private lesson in positive reinforcement training methods at your home (in Georgetown or within 15 miles)

  • 1 follow-up private lesson at the location of your choice (at home, on a walk, or in a public place)

  • 1 personalized canine enrichment plan

​You will learn:

  • How to interpret dog body language

  • How to meet all of your dog's mental, emotional, and physical needs

  • How to prevent problem behaviors 

  • How to build desired behaviors

  • An effective and positive method for conditioning calmer greetings with people

  • An effective and positive method for conditioning calmer walks


Dogs will learn:


  • That they can make great things happen by choosing certain behaviors

  • Response to name/come when called

  • To wait quietly in a crate, on a mat, or behind a gate

  • To greet people without jumping up

  • To cooperate with routine care (veterinary and husbandry procedures)

  • That walking on leash is a two way street


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