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What is your training methodology?

  • What is your training methodology?
    We teach positive reinforcement training and socialization methods, which means the focus is on building positive associations, and strengthening desired behaviors. We do not use aversives such as physical or verbal corrections, because they damage the relationship between dogs and their people. Instead, we seek to prevent the occurrence of undesired behavior by making sure dogs' mental and physical needs are being met, reinforcing desired behaviors, and managing environments.
  • Do you have puppy classes?
    We currently are not offering group puppy classes, due to a lack of consistent demand for classes for puppies in the 8 - 12 weeks age range, which is the optimal time for puppy classes. Please check with The Dog Alliance in Cedar Park or 1Up Dog Training in Georgetown for group puppy classes.
  • Do you offer training/obedience classes?
    We do not offer obedience training classes in the traditional format, because we believe them to be ineffective. Obedience training focuses on people gaining control over their dogs. With socialization, the focus is on building a relaxed and confident emotional state in our dogs, which helps them control themselves, and improves canine responsiveness and connection to their human family members. In short, with proper socialization and enrichment, obedience training isn't necessary! We do, however, teach owners how to reinforce desired behaviors, such as eye contact, walking on a loose leash, waiting at thresholds, and four-paws-on-the-floor, which makes these behaviors become default. We also offer private lessons at your location or ours, to help with behavior issues such as jumping up, pulling on leash, excessive barking, door dashing, chewing, separation anxiety, reactive barking, potty training problems, or to create a personalized socialization plan.
  • Help! My puppy is over 12 weeks old. Does that mean I can't socialize my puppy?
    The primary socialization period in dogs is from 3 weeks to around 12 weeks. During this sensitive period for socialization, puppies learn what kinds of things are normal and not to be feared. If they are not exposed to a variety of people, dogs, and other things during this developmental period, they are more likely to develop fear or anxiety about unfamiliar things as adult dogs. If your puppy didn't attend a puppy class or have much socialization before 12 weeks, don't despair! Socialization can still be done after this age, but it will usually require a slower and longer process to get your older puppy or adult dog accustomed to new things. In this case, we use a process of desensitization and counter conditioning to help improve the dog's association with unfamiliar things. If your puppy is over 12 weeks of age, please get in touch with us for a free consultation to discuss our socialization and training offerings.
  • How do I sign up?
    Register for the Puppy Package, private lessons, or puppy consultations on our website at least 24 hours in advance. See our full policies on the booking form or on our Policies page.
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