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Puppy Socialization and Training

As far as puppy socialization goes, 8 - 12 weeks old is the prime of your puppy's life! This is a special time in a dog's life when they are especially open to new things, and it's the ideal time to give them positive socialization experiences. Puppies that are not exposed to a variety of people and things they will encounter in everyday life, are more prone to develop anxiety and fear. 

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Private Instruction

Get a pawesome start to your puppy's future! With this information packed package, you get (3) one hour sessions filled with knowledge you need to raise a calm, confident, and cooperative canine companion! Included in the price are:

  • 1 initial consultation/private lesson in your home

  • 1 puppy safe public socialization field trip 

  • 1 follow-up private lesson OR socialization session at the location of your choice

​You will learn:


  • What to expect during puppyhood

  • How to interpret dog body language

  • How to provide optimal puppy socialization experiences safely

  • How to meet all of your puppy's needs

  • How to prevent problem behaviors 

  • How to build desired behaviors

  • An effective and positive method for puppy potty training

  • An effective and positive method for puppy crate training


Puppies will learn:


  • That new things are normal and not to be feared

  • Response to name/come when called

  • To wait quietly in a crate or on a mat

  • To greet people without jumping up

  • To cooperate with routine care (veterinary and husbandry procedures)

  • An introduction to walking on leash


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