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Dog with Leash

Day Training

Does your dog go crazy when visitors come to the home? Ignore you when you call their name? Do they run out of open doors, get into the trash, drag you down the street, and chew up your favorite possessions? If this sounds familiar, you and your canine companion may have drifted into a state of conflict, rather than cooperation. To help you get back on track, let us do the heavy lifting of training, so you can attend to life's other priorities. We can help train your dog in basic obedience skills such as


  • Recall (Come when called) 

  • Sit

  • Down (lie down)

  • Loose leash walking 

  • Go To Mat/Calm Settle

  • Crate Training 

  • Hand Target/Nose Touch 


We will use positive reinforcement training methods to teach your dog these skills, all from the comfort and convenience of your home, and in sync with your dog's normal environment and routine.  ​A more affordable option than traditional board-and-train services, Day Training is also less stressful for your dog.


Along the way, we'll help you understand what went wrong, and how to maintain the peace. Living with another highly intelligent species can be challenging - let our years of experience and professional education in canine behavior guide you on this journey!

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Each day training package comes with:

  • 1 initial consultation/private lesson in your home

  • Set number of day training sessions in your home, on walks, in your car, or wherever your dog needs training

  • Each session is one hour

  • Trainer's notes from each session

  • Customized training plan and "homework" exercises (homework is optional but recommended for best results)

  • Unlimited email support

  • Add-on sessions available for any package, at $85/session

Day Training Basic Package

  • 1 consultation

  • 7 training sessions, 10% off hourly rate

  • $630

Day Training Better Dog Package

  • 1 consultation

  • 10 training sessions, 15% off

  • $850

Day Training Best Dog Package

  • 1 consultation

  • 20 training sessions, 20% off

  • $1600

Day Training Best Puppy Package

  • Ages 8 - 12 weeks only

  • 1 consultation

  • 10 training sessions, 25% off

  • 5 socialization sessions

  • $1125

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